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Our Projects

Peace And Security

Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace must include the fair administration of justice, the equitable distribution of the common patrimony, and the general social, economic and cultural well-being of our peoples. We design and support soft power programs to make and build peace and enhance security.

Conference on Progressive Politics in Nigeria‚Äč

This annual event brings politicians and scholars from different perspectives, as well as ordinary citizens, to discuss the concept of progressive politics in the Nigerian context and to proffer ideas on how to advance progressivism.

Building Community Centers

(Starting with one at Lorji): We believe the villages and rural areas deserve similar amenities as are found in the cities and urban areas. As such, we are committed to collaborating with communities to build community centers for lifelong learning, recreation, and gathering. The first of such centers is being built at Lorji, in AbohMbaise LGA of Imo State, Nigeria.

Marketplace Rebuilding and Refurbishment:

In our communities, the marketplaces are not just for commerce. The marketplaces are also spiritual, religious, and political gathering joints. As such, we will work with communities to rebuild and refurbish marketplaces to become modern, clean, and easily accessible.

Environmental Protection and Preservation Projects

Clean environments contributes to the health and wellness of communities. Through our environmental projects, we organize communities to protect and preserve their natural environments and keep them clean.

Youth Leadership and Peaceful Activism Training

The emergence of the leaders of tomorrow cannot be left to accidents. By design, we aim to instill state-of-the-art best practices in leadership for the youth.We train them for peaceful protests and activism for community and national change, as well as in the practice of conflict resolution.

Youth Skills Development and Job Placements

It is not enough to acquire skills; it is important to provide young people with opportunities to use those skills in community building and providing incomes to support themselves and their families.

Financial Literacy and Micro financing

The management of money is an acquired skill. In collaboration with financial institutions, we provide seminars in financial literacy. We also provide micro-financing for entrepreneurial and educational pursuits for young people in particular.

Literacy Education

The more people are literate, the more access to information and better decision making they will have. Through this project, reading and writings skills in both English and Nigeria languages are encouraged.

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